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Spa Resource Cosmetic Wedges are the ideal tool to apply liquid, cream or powder foundation as smoothly and flawlessly as the pros. Great for applying blush, eye makeup, concealers and moisturizers, too. Spa Resource Cosmetic Wedge can also be used for makeup removal with cleansers, make-up removers and astringents.
* For flawless streak-free application of liquid foundation
* Micro-pore formulation will not absorb excess makeup
* Latex free

CONCEALER: Before applying foundation of your choice, use the tip of the wedge to dot foundation onto you chin, forehead, cheeks and anywhere else that you need to camouflage. Now, with the narrow side of the wedge, use it to gently blend in the concealer, and watch it magically erase dark circles, lines, and any other imperfections!
FOUNDATION: Using the tip of the wedge, dot your foundation onto your chin, forehead and cheeks. With the flat side of the wedge, smooth the foundation from the center of your face toward your hairline. Always end with a light downward stroke on your cheeks to make any baby fine facial hair less noticeable. Remember to do this GENTLY.
BLUSH: Use to apply Creme or Powder blush over the top of your foundation base. Use the flat side and gently sweep lightly over cheeks towards the hairline right above the ear.

Foam, Non-Latex, Non-Toxic

I never thought that I would be reviewing cosmetic wedges, but I HATE these so much that I just HAD to review them and warn you guys NOT to get them! This is a WASTE of money! I usually buy my wedges from the dollar store, but since I was in Walmart anyways, I decided to buy the Spa Resources one. I thought to myself that these ones must be better than the ones at the dollar store cause at least they have some kind of “name” to them and they also cost more. I think it was around $3 CAD for 32 wedges. These are the worst cosmetic sponges I’ve used to date.

They are super absorbent, which means that they suck in product like CRAZY! I had to use twice the amount of foundation in order to get the same amount of coverage. These sponges really soak everything in, which means that you’ll be losing and wasting a lot of product to the wedge. Even though they are really soft on the face, they do a terrible job at blending. I rather use my foundation brush or my dollar store wedges.

Also, they have such a weird, kinda gross, smell to the wedges. It really grossed me out that I stopped using them after the second wedge. Maybe it’s just that one package I got, but they smell extra rubbery and plastic, really dislike it. And I hate how all the wedges are stuck together. (Refer to above photo) You have to ripped them apart in order to use them and then it leaves little marks and uneven spots at the part where the wedges were once connected. This will affect the blending of your foundation.

Well, at least I didn’t have to throw the wedges out. Since I needed sponges for one of my painting class, I just used these ones! Haha! So they weren’t a complete waste for me. But please, save yourself the trouble and don’t buy these.

Product (0/5) – Need I explain anymore?
Cost (3/5) – It’s more expensive than my dollar store wedges
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (1/5) – Hate that all the wedges are stuck together.

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