• yay for shop! can’t wait to see your goodies :)

    I tried that blazer on and it’s totally unflattering :( Sad because it looks so good on other bloggers I’ve seen (incl. you!)

    And I suck at revamping my blog :(


  • i love that tat! haha. love your style too :)

  • Ken


  • ooh i think the tattoo on your arm looks awesomeee =)

  • Great outfit, and I’m sure Michelle can make something great for you as a graphic. :-)

  • like the outfit ^_^ great combination =D

  • sweetie

    i still want that h&m blazer lol

    and f21 finally has the skirt i want, im gonna stalk the site everday until it comes in lol

    and cant wait to see ur online shop up and running :)

  • If you are looking for a simple banner, I don’t mind helping at all! Although I haven’t done graphic designing in a while (I will be again in the Fall for my fashion design classes), I can do very simple banners like:


    I can also try to manipulate banners that have already been made and change them to your liking. As for the name, I can’t really suggest many ideas since I’m not quite sure what the jewelry looks like. I hope you have much success in finding a designer for your blog and your start on your business!

    xo, Michelle

  • Ohh, can’t wait to see the future goodies in your shop!
    & you look lovely as always~ I’m so jealous of those Chanel tattoos!

  • Love the Chanel tattoo!

  • i like this outfit a lot. the blazer is very chic.