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August 31, 2010

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Forever 21 tank & shorts, Levi’s plaid shirt, FF7 wing necklace, vintage glasses

  • LOVE this outfit!

    xx Black Adder Fashion

  • l like ur outfit
    and ur glasses =D

  • Hey! You know Michael Su? No way!!
    Such a small tiny world.
    I use to work with him and recently I always run into him on the bus.
    Cooool :).

  • I hope Daniel does well in England! I wanna visit England again soon! ^-^

  • aww the first picture is so asian and cute! ^_^
    love the shirt ♥

  • OSG

    Wow girly you look totally amazing!

  • I loved your T-shirt!

    Pink Kisses♥

  • Love the Union Jack vest top! ♥
    Cute group shot too~ I spot a Betsey bag, haha! ;D

  • Lovin’ the shirt.

  • props for singing s club 7 at karaoke :) that song is always a must for me!

  • Ken

    =] i love anything with the union jack on it~!


    and cant wait to seee you :)

    alsooo tagged u in an award babe


  • oo cute outfit!

  • Cute outfit :) I love dorky glasses ^^

    Haha this is random, but has anyone ever told you that you like a lot like Han Hyo Joo?

  • Haha the glasses look cute on you :)

  • I love your top! is very pretty. Way to do sweetie!

  • cute outfit. i love the glasses :) and gosh, i wanna go karaoke now!! hahaa

  • oh beautiful outfit, loving the glasses a lot !!!