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Shinjuku Isetan is the store that will be hosting W♥C, with a line called Fayjancil. What’s so unique about this brand is that all of its products are remake, which means that every piece is going to be different. Remake pretty much means that they are going to take a various of pieces of clothing (new or thrifted) and alter them in such a way that they become a new product. This could mean changing a scarf into a dress or adding studs to a jean jacket and etc. I think this is an excellent idea in order to make fashion and clothing more sustainable and friendlier to our planet. If anyone is like me, then you’ll understand the feeling I get when I look inside my full closet everyday and think to myself that I have absolutely nothing to wear. I think by remaking clothes, anyone can take an old garment and make it fresh and new. Maybe then I’ll never run out of things to wear.

Fajyancil by W♥C details
When: Opening August 11th to August 17th.
Location: Shinjuku Isetan Basement level 2

I saw these photos from Chinatsu’s website. I’m assuming that these are going to be some of the pieces that will be sold for this collection. She looks so beautiful, doesn’t she?

credit: Chinatsu’s Blog