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Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Liquid Eyeliner is highly water-proof and anti-smudge, giving you a long-lasting result. It contains Chamomile and Camellia extracts that provide gentle care to your fragile eye areas. The ultra fine brush attached to the product enables you to draw accurate and precise eye lines effortlessly.

Colour: Black #01
Weight: 2.5g
Country of origin: Japan

Shake well before use. Apply it along your upper or lower lash lines.


I was so excited to try this product when I had purchased it in Hong Kong because I had read such amazing reviews about it. Many bloggers have only good things to say about this product. However, the results for me were not as pleasing and I may be the first blogger to actually not like this product. The eyeliner is suppose to be highly water-proof and anti-smudge, giving you a long-lasting result. Yes, the product is extremely water-proof and it takes a very strong make-up remover to take it off completely. However, the eyeliner is not smudge proof and is not long lasting. This is a photo taken after 2 hours of usage and you can already tell that the eyeliner is starting to smudge and transfer onto my lower lash lines. It’s not very pretty to have panda eyes.

This eyeliner cannot stand against the humidity or heat of Hong Kong and Canada. The worst part is when you apply eyeshadow, the eyeliner will transfer onto the lids in a few hours. I’m also not a big fan of the brush/applicator. It takes on a lot of the eyeliner and makes it very easy to apply too much. The eyeliner is also very runny.

But there are some good side to this liner. It is very pigmented and the black is very deep. It doesn’t take a lot to create the deep black, just one stroke is sufficient. The price is also very affordable: it was less than $10 CAD when I bought it in Hong Kong. Additionally, the packaging is really cute! I don’t think I’ll buy this eyeliner again. I’m happy with using my two favourite eyeliners, which are the L’oreal Lineur Intense Eyeliner and the Dolly Wink one.

Product (2/5) – Did not live up to its claims.
Cost (5/5)
Ease of Use (3/5) – The applicator really sucks.
Packaging (5/5) – Kiss Me always have the cutest packagings.

PS, still messing around with the new layout. Please bear with me!

credit: beautukat.com

  • Thanks for the review!
    Was definitely very hepful!(:

  • Cool product!



  • Thanks for the review!
    I was in search for a long lasting eye liner and still havent found one :(
    I also bought the Dior liquid liner which wasnt very good and waste of money…

  • ahh I almost bought this eyeliner too.. *phew, good thing I read your review. I think most important is smudge proof and water proof. I hate looking like a panda in the middle of the day. By the way.. I am also listening to 林峰’s 直到你不找我 on repeat. LOL Did you watch 談情說案???

  • Aw, that sucks that it didn’t work well for you. I haven’t tried this eyeliner before but from the looks of it, I probably won’t even look into it too much. I hate false claims! :p Sorry it didn’t work out too well for you :/

  • thanks for the review! the packing is cute but yeah, the only thing i wouldn’t like about pandas is their eyes on me xD

    adorable new layout too :)

  • the polka dots layout is so nice, luv it.

  • New layout is love! ❤
    I’m sorry to hear the eyeliner sucks~ such cute packaging too ;o;

  • The packaging looks okay only to me.

    Love the new layout! Baby blue and baby pink + polka dots <3

  • I like the new layout very much^^ and the eye liner too :3

  • haha yeah that liner doesn’t look too fabulous.

    love the layout though and can’t wait to see more product reviews! i always avoid liquid liners unless they’re waterproof cause i hatehatehate smudging but even so …… sometimes….. panda eyes! :[ worst nightmare.

    <33 [v] hobovogue

  • Liking the layout missy, I need a new liquid liner!