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Tsubasa has been tweeting/blogging about the highly anticipated Dolly Wink nail polish line for quite sometime now. The nail polish line will go on sale in July of this year. I’m quite disappointed that at that time, I would have left Hong Kong already. This means that it’ll be even harder (and more expensive) to get a hold of these nail polish.

She has so far revealed the colors Mint Green, Baby Pink and Lavender. However, I’m sure there are going to be more. These photos are from the Dolly Wink website, Tsubasa’s blog and Tsubasa’s twitter: https://twitter.com/tsubasamasuwaka

Showing off Mint Green and Lavendar nails. (In case you are wondering, all the circle lens that she wears are Angel Color, which is her sponsored circle lens brand). The colours seem to be really bright and cute. I can’t wait to see all of the colours, I wonder how many she will be choose. Though there are so many other nail polish brands, Tsu-chan should be okay against the other competitors. (OPI nail polish cost around 2500 yen in Japan, which is around $26 CAD. That’s double what I pay for in Canada). I’m pretty sure that she’s going to stay under this price.

Will you be interested in trying these?

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  • Such pretty colors :) Super excited!

  • Her nails are super cute…but also her hair! kawaii ne!~

  • She has twitter? woah whats her account? thats really cute <3

  • :O It would actually depend on the price range… However I doubt I could ever get my hands on that because I’m from Sydney..

  • lovely colours! no chance of trying these though.

  • Definitely wanna try!! ❤

  • oh great. dollywink coming out with MORE adorable things i can’t afford xD brighter pastels are probably the hottest colours this year!

  • the pink color soo cutee.. !! yes im interestedd hehe

  • I like the lavender the most!