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April 13, 2010

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Forever 21 shoes

These babies arrive in the mail this morning. I was so excited to try them on and to take photos of them right away! I placed a pretty huge order last Saturday on Forever 21 online and these two pairs of shoes have to be my favourite items from the package. They are so stunning and so affordable! (The studded heels was on sale for $15 and the cut-out one was $35). However, I can already feel that the strings from the cut-out pair will leave a deep imprint on my feet.

I have also found scans for the Ranzuki May 2010 issue and I thought I would share them on my blog: (I really want a pair of overalls and I can’t find them anywhere! I also want new pair of baggy pants too! So many stuff I need to buy when I get to Hong Kong!)

credit: kuroxdoll

PS, I’m not a fan of Miley, in fact, I really dislike her. However, I can’t stop listening to her single for the movie Last Song. It’s quite pathetic.

PPS, don’t forget to enter my giveaway, which ends April 29th. Follow the link on the side bar!

  • monica

    haute haute shoes chika

    stud love

  • Illness_Illusion

    Ahaha I’m like that with Miley-I hate everything she does but for some reason I’m addicted to that song o.O

    And thanks for the scans! <3 And your shoes are amazing!

  • Rena

    I’m loving your shoes! I hope to get myself some studded heels soon! Lace-ups are GORGEOUS as well!

    <33 Rena

  • shaynaJo

    hey i like ur shoes alot!
    especially the one with alot of studs.. very punky ;-)

  • avalonne

    Forever 21 has some pretty awesome shoes!!! :)

  • chiihime

    i love your shoes i wanted shoes like yours >.< you should show us your whole collection it should be big xD i loved magazine models hair~


    I love f21 shoes, they’re so cheap and usually pretty comfy too :)


  • Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love the shoes you got at forever21–the prices are amazing!


  • Kristy

    the studded pumps are pretty bananas! and yeah, i hate when the strings on lace-up sandals leave imprints on my feet (which implies that i have chubby feet!!!) :(

    By the way, I remember you posted something about ring adjuster (the rubber thingy). Is it helpful? I need to adjust one of my rings but I don’t want to bring it to the jeweler :(

  • LA

    Cool shoes!

    (I’m a shoes obsessed….)


  • Sarah

    I love the cut-out pair! Wish we had F21 over here

  • Ali

    amazing heels, i love both.
    thankyou so much for your comment by the way!

    i’m so entering your giveaway. how exciting! i’ll come back to comment on it as soon as i write my next post (which should be in a couple of days) (:

  • M. and O.

    We adore the 1st shoes, the are really beautiful !
    nice blog too

    Kisses from France
    Olivia & Mariam

  • Iyah

    i love the first heels! so nice :D

  • Serena

    $15 for studded heels?! NICE… Did you find any promo codes for Forever 21 recently? Everyone keeps posting about Forever 21 deals. I want to go to Forever 21 tomorrow now. Darn it! {*GRRR}

    Do you go to Hong Kong often? Lucky girl. I wish I could go. =(

    It’s interesting that wigs are so in right now. It is cool that you can change your look in an instant but it’s creepy that it’s fake hair. {*LOL}

    <3 Serena.

  • deep_in_vogue

    Thanks for sharing the Japanese magazine, really cool! And wow, F21 has some cool shoes!

  • toxic disco boy

    those are some really cool shoes! great finds. and i remember by gyaru-o days before. hahahahaha. thanks for the scans. ^^

  • ☆Monica-Ai☆

    Thanks for the visit and comment! I hope you don’t mind if I follow you :)
    I love those shoes! Forever21 always has great stuff (and cheap too!)

  • Phuong

    beautiful! love it

  • Charlotte Elise Jay

    Thanks sooo much for posting this Japanese magazine – I absolutely love looking at Japanese fashion magazine they are so much more inspiring than the ones we have in the UK!

    Gorgeous forever 21 shoes – HUGE fan!


  • ♥Mimi

    i love both of those shoes! wowww

    can’t believe they’re from forever 21. when i visited the store, all the shoes looked so cheap and about to break… and too big. but those are amazing!

    i need to do some online shopping… if only my parents would let me haha.

    i’ma gonna go enter yer giveaway :D

  • emma

    The girl in the pink overalls is dressed like Spritle from speed racer ahahahah

    I can’t seem to get into overalls as a fashion trend…love the F21 studded heels though!

  • Fashion Cappuccino

    Beautiful shoes! Sometimes forever 21 surprises me like that! xoxoxoxoxo