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Forever 21 shoes

These babies arrive in the mail this morning. I was so excited to try them on and to take photos of them right away! I placed a pretty huge order last Saturday on Forever 21 online and these two pairs of shoes have to be my favourite items from the package. They are so stunning and so affordable! (The studded heels was on sale for $15 and the cut-out one was $35). However, I can already feel that the strings from the cut-out pair will leave a deep imprint on my feet.

I have also found scans for the Ranzuki May 2010 issue and I thought I would share them on my blog: (I really want a pair of overalls and I can’t find them anywhere! I also want new pair of baggy pants too! So many stuff I need to buy when I get to Hong Kong!)

credit: kuroxdoll

PS, I’m not a fan of Miley, in fact, I really dislike her. However, I can’t stop listening to her single for the movie Last Song. It’s quite pathetic.

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